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Winthrop United Methodist Church offers many ways for people to make a difference with their lives, to connect with fellow Christians, and to grow spiritually:

  • through our missions work;
  • community outreach;
  • fun & fellowship;
  • team work within the church;
  • and fundraising.

    To get involved, read on, and call or email the Church Office to get information about the contact people listed below!

  • Church Teams

    Prayer Chain

    Community Outreach


    United Methodist Women

    Small Groups



    A lot of our church's work is done through our teams and committees. Not all of the people who attend WUMC belong to a church team or committee, but many people do. Of those who don't serve on a team, many offer their time and talents for certain events or short-term projects.

    Click on any committee below to see who the contact person is, and what kinds of work are done by that team. To find out how to get in touch with a Committee Chair, call the church office at 377-8620, or send an email.

    Christian Education Staff-Pastor-Parish Relations Committee (SPRC)
    Trustees Finance Stewardship


    Church Council

    The Worship Team is responsible for the worship service. They also work on special services throughout the year, like Lenten or Advent services. All interested in attending a meeting are welcome!

    Anne Emidy is Chair of the Worship Team.

    The Christian Education Team is responsible for all aspects of children’s and adult education. They also work on special events for children, like Vacation Bible School, the Indoor Beach Party, and the Advent Party, as well as sponsoring Small Group Studies for adults. All interested in attending a meeting are welcome!

    Lynda Pratt is the Chair of the Christian Education Team.

    Last Christmas, WUMC and the Christian Education Team sponsored an amazing visit from children's choir... from Zimbabwe! The choir performed at the Winthrop PAC.


    The Staff-Pastor-Parish Relations Committee, also known as SPRC, is responsible for anticipating, addressing, and resolving issues among the various relationships within the church. These meetings are private and confidential.

    Ken Bryant is the Chair of SPRC.

    Our trustees are responsibile for maintenance of the church, the parsonage, and 72 Main Street. Work days to maintain and improve these properties are an important part of trustee work. All interested in attending a meeting are welcome!

    Sue Thomas is the Chair of Trustees.


    The Finance Team is responsible for work on the church finance and budget. All interested in attending a meeting are welcome!

    Marty Allen is the Chair of the Finance Team.

    The Stewardship Team encourages the congregation to use their gifts and talents wisely. All interested in attending a meeting are welcome!

    The Blessings Team responds to individual and family practical needs and plans social activities. They set-up and/or provide rides and meals to families who need them. They also help sponsor Tabitha's Closet, which offers free clothes, toys, and other items twice a year to people who need them. All interested in attending a meeting are welcome!

    Chris O'Connell is the Chair of the Blessings Team.

    The Church Council is the administrative body of the church. This committee looks at the "big picture" while also overseeing the work done by all of the other committees. The Committee Chairs and Co-Chairs attend Council meetings, as well as Members-at-Large. All interested in attending a meeting are welcome, though only the Church Council members can vote.

    Caro Kaiser is the Chair of Church Council.


    Our worship service includes a time to share personal "Joys and Concerns" with the congregation. We recognize that sometimes a person is unable to attend a service, or they wish to have a joy or concern shared only among our "prayor warriors" through our email Prayer Chain.

    If you would like to request prayers for yourself or loved ones, please contact Bev Dow via email or at 215-6155. As Lay Leader, she manages the Prayer Chain, and is also available for confidential spiritual chats. If you have a spiritual matter you would like to discuss with the pastor, please contact Pastor Ned Crockett via email or the church office, at 377-8620.

    Bev is also the person to contact if you would like to be a prayer warrior!


    Winthrop United Methodist Church is involved in a variety of community outreach projects, including serving goodies to our local EMTs and emergency personnel at Christmas-time; a Prayer Shawl Ministry; sponsoring Tabitha's Closet, which offers free clothes, toys, and other items twice a year to people who need them; as well as children's events like Vacation Bible School and Game Nights.


    We are are currently working on putting the FUN in Fundraising, by trying various new and tried & true fundraising projects, including:

  • Soup Sale on Sunday! (raised about $200!)

  • Pampered Chef Parties (raised more than $500!)

  • Hannaford Gift Cards (in Fellowship Hall after the service)

  • Plant Sale, on May 30th

  • Strawberry Festival with individual Strawberry Shortcakes!

  • Of course we are also continuing many of our beloved traditional fundraising suppers and sales: the Whale of a Sale, spaghetti suppers, and the Pie Supper!

    If you have an idea for a fundraiser, or you would like to participate in any of these fundraisers, here are some people to contact:

    Church Office, at 377-8620 or by email at

    Marty Allen, Chair of the Finance Committee
    Ruth Bryant, who is keeping a schedule of these fundraisers


    The UMW meets for fellowship, fundraising, and special programing one Saturday a month, from 9-11am, at the church. All women of the church are welcome to attend!

    Karin True is President of UMW. To find out how to get in touch with her, call the church office at 377-8620, or send an email.

    UMW EVENTS in 2012-2012:
    Oct 27: UMW New England Conference in VT
    Nov 3: Women's Retreat at Green St. Methodist Church
    Dec 15: UMW Christmas party with brunch
    Jan 26: Women’s retreat at WUMC with Sharon Jones & team
    Feb 23: Lenten program with Karin True.
    March 23: Easter breakfast fundraiser with the Easter Bunny!
    April 27: Women’s history program by Launa Greenier
    May 11: Cookie sale fundraiser - Mechuwana Scholarships
    May 28: Ladies night out, restaurant outing

    The UMW is a very active part of the WUMC.

    Here they are getting ready for their Spaghetti Supper


    Members of the Winthrop United Methodist Church travel! Most years some of us go on a theater road trip together to Amish Country in Pennsylvania.

    In the past we've gone on Mystery Tours together. We've also gone down to visit and work with our sister church in Nicaragua.

    One of our church members is getting together informal lake tours for members of the church family.

    We have a lot of fun and fellowship exploring areas near & far together!

    Laity Sunday

    3rd Grade
    Bible Presentation

    Special Music

    Easter Bunny

    Pie Supper

    Memorial Day
    Plant Sale

    Theater Trip!

    Spaghetti Supper

    Prayer Chain Map

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